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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • ¿Do I need to buy a server to install?

      No, Fluyapp is a cloud-based solution.

    • ¿What kind of reports do I get?

      The reports you get are monthly, weekly, daily and by the hour.

    • ¿Can I configure the priorities of my services?

      Of course, as a client you'll decide what will be your business focus.

    • ¿Fluyapp Business has digital signage?

      Yes and it's configurable. You can make as many templates as you wish.

    • ¿Can I configure the questions I'll send to my users?

      Yes, you can make different questions at the end of the attention or subscription module.

    • ¿Can I integrate my web services to identify my client?

      Yes, we can integrate any web/mobile service.

    • ¿Can I get the data from my reports?

      Of coure, each report it's in Fluyapp Business is exportable to Excel.

    • ¿Is the service agreement configurable?

      Completely, you can define your attention and waiting times.

    • ¿Do you have online support?

      Yes, we have multiple customer support channels for our clients.