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All you need to manage your customer experience and customer support.

Booking, Planning, Customer relationship (CRM), Video Call and Modern Queue Management System.

Managing customers queue experience and waiting time are essential part of customer journey, we help to optimize it and delight your customers

Manage your business based on data.

Organizing schedules and getting summaries of attention time is not a trivial task anymore, we can make this process less tedious.


Keep updated of what happens in your operation on a day to day basis.

Get a summary of all attention times based on your service scheme and configurable times. This summary will help you understand trends and descriptive data for your business decision taking.


Reports give you summarised information, while this module shows you patterns that occurred in a determined time.

We can detect patterns in your attention times, and recommend you action to optimize your business.

Clients database

Each user that access your business is an ally and you need to know them.

Fluyapp business allows you to store some of your clients data so you can connect them to your busines.

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Frequent asked questions

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    • ¿Do I need to buy a server to install?

      No, Fluyapp is a cloud-based solution.

    • ¿What kind of reports do I get?

      The reports you get are monthly, weekly, dairy and by the hour.

    • ¿Can I configure the priorities of my services?

      Of course, as a client you'll decide what will be your business focus.

    • ¿Fluyapp Business has digital signage?

      Yes and it's configurable. You can make as many templates as you wish.

    • ¿Can I configure the questions I'll send to my users?

      Yes, you can make different questions at the end of the attention or subscription module.

    • ¿Can I integrate my web services to identify my client?

      Yes, we can integrate any web/mobile service.

    • ¿Can I get the data from my reports?

      Of coure, each report it's in Fluyapp Business is exportable to Excel.

    • ¿Is the service agreement configurable?

      Completely, you can define your attention and waiting times.

    • ¿Do you have online support?

      Yes, we have multiple customer support channels for our clients.